One Year in 1st Grade

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Office for Journal Writing

1st Graders love the office. During journal writing time, students place the binder standing up to create a private mini office. The first week of school students can demonstrate some independence with the office. I use a variety of workshop approaches mostly adapted from Lucy Calkins playing close attention to individual literacy development outlined by Richard Gentry. When students become more proficient in writing I use a Step Up to Writing framework to help them organize their writing ideas. At the end of journal time I have students remove journals and stack them open on the current page so I can work with individuals or chunk some skills into small groups later. Below is an easy list to help your students develop some writing independence early on. I laminate and reuse pages 2-8 so students can have a color copies each year. Thanks to Beth Allen for this great idea!
Supplies Needed
1. 3-Ring Binder
2. Read Well 1st Grade Picture/Sound card laminated
3. Writing Topics Favorite Places card laminated
4. Common Misspelled Words card laminated
5. Fry Word List 1-100 laminated
6. Fry Word List 101-200 laminated
7. How to Print Letters Zaner-Bloser, Modern Manuscript or D'Nealean Handwriting sample page laminated
8. Blank page for words special to student laminated
9. Blank Journal
10. Mini Spelling Dictionary for later in year

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