One Year in 1st Grade

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Assessment on a Paper Budget

Our school is on a photocopier and paper budget. Being on a paper budget with 1st grade is tough. Students usually need a frame or a model to produce work on. In my class it also serves a duel purpose for both me to assess and the parents to see what we are working on. Being on a paper budget makes it tough for assessment, since I cannot get around to each student during a work time in order to assess the needs of my class. Also parents think we are not doing anything when no papers come home. Here's how to plan for this big change.
Last year I started using class checklists more for assessment. Each day I would assign my learning targets across the top of 1 page of paper for the day. Down the side on each row would be the students names. During work times, I would look for the behaviors to be demonstrated in other ways than what could be written or drawn on sheet of paper. For example, oral statements, individual questioning and group observations. I would give a plus, check or minus if I found the behavior.

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