One Year in 1st Grade

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kandinsky Circles Art

Found this really cool art project on Pinterest by Mrs. Bearden's Art Room.

Kindergarten and First Grade students are learning how to mix primary colors to create secondary colors with different art materials. For this project, we used tempera paint in the primary colors and white. Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s painting “Squares with Concentric Rings” we talked about how artists like to experiment with different color arrangements and combinations.


  • 12×18″ paper
  • pencils
  • foam trays for paint mixing
  • tempera paint in primaries (red, yellow, blue) and white
  • brushes and rinsing cups


  • We folded the paper in half 3 times to create eight square boxes that I asked the students to trace
  • Inside each square, I asked the students to draw concentric circles big enough to fill the space
  • We began painting by using the primary colors in their pure form, then mixed them with one another to create secondary colors, and then added white to create tints (light colors)
  • Using the colors they mixed, the students fill in each ring of the circles and the squares around them with different colors.

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